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Professional Member

Professional Membership is reserved for still and motion photographers of good moral character and reputation who have been actively and consistently engaged in professional practice for at least 3 years. Applicants must be sponsored by two ASMP Professional Members. Professional Members have full voting privileges, may serve on the ASMP National Board of Directors, and receive three free portfolios in ASMP’s searchable database, Applicants seeking sponsors should contact their local chapter or email

Associate Member

Photographers who are professionals with less than three years of publication experience, and non-professionals, may join as Associate members.

This membership category brings many of the benefits of Professional Membership including access to all member information, communications, programs, events, and special offers and discounts.

Emerging Associate

Photographers just starting out in business can participate in a one-year Associate membership category.

After a year, the Emerging Associate membership is automatically raised to an Associate membership. Emerging Associate membership benefits are the same as those of Associate members.

Student Associate

Photographers at the college or post-secondary level are qualified for Student Associate membership.

Written proof of enrollment from a department head or admissions office, or class schedule on official school letterhead is required with the application. (Photocopies of student ID cards are not accepted.) Individuals may remain Student Associates for one year after completion of a degree program, and they receive the same benefits as Associate members.

Educator Associate

This category is for full time post-secondary and college educators in the field of visual arts and other subject areas pertinent to still and motion photography and related matters.

This category is not open to working photographers who qualify for the Professional or Associate membership category. Verification of academic employment is required.

Individual Affiliate

Individuals who are not working photographers, but who are a part of the industry (such as those who teach or supply a service to photographers) are welcome as Individual Affiliate members. Benefits are the same as for an Associate Member.

Merit Member

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Student Associate Member (Dues $45/year)
Educator Associate Member (Dues $95/year or $8.44/month)
Individual Affiliate Member (Dues $225/year or $19.99/month)
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